Pool questions

Yes, you have to register to get access at the moment. Please fill the registartion form (Link) and join the discord (Link)
Having a discord name for your wallet address really simplifies troubleshooting and helps against DDOS attacks.
Pool address is NQ33 DH76 PHUK J41Q LX3A U4E0 M0BM QJH9 QQL1.

At the moment (2018-04-23) payout is not automated and gets executed by hand multiple times a day. You can see recent transactions here.

Fee: ~1%, I simply choose an integer that fits, at the moment NIM reward per block is 4350.
Please see stats section (Link)

Miner setup

Use the Webminer, just wait until it is loaded, enter your wallet address (the one you used to register), select thread count and press start mining. You should see 'Connected to pool' and a hashrate.
Just open the Download section and follow the instructions.

You have to compile the source yourself, there are detailed instructions. You have to install some additional stuff to do so.

The binary packages are precompiled. There are different versions for different cpu architectures, choose the one that matches.
Compiling the windows build doesnt work as expected, I recommend you to use the Linux Subsytem for Windows (WSL). Just google how to set it up.